My Near-sighted Life.

OK so I really suck at this is seems. It is October 20, 2014. I am trying to post my blogs but I am very consumed now with my painting, waking up at 6am to paint before the afternoon heat, jump in the sea, eat lunch, then back to the Traviata to continue with my obsession.

At the same time, in my mind I have all of these mostly poetic streams of consciousness and moments of realization that come from the weave of my work and life. These things are what I want to share.

So it remains, my plight. I am feverishly writing, trying to capture these fleeting thoughts, before swiftly turning back into the moment. This is such a profound moment in my life as I am coming through the other side and with courage, releasing what has held me back, made me feel small, and adding up to essentially, giving my power away. I have been so blind. It is time I get out of my way!

My near-sided life just didn’t inspire me anymore, and eventually I had lost all sight. In losing my sight, I could no longer see my face. This is what the moment has made me realize on such a deeply profound level, that once again, I feel in alignment with nature and every day, through being and living in this manner, I have yet another eye to see what glorious light is in the world within.

I see it in a leaf falling, I feel it in the gentle breeze and become as the salt of the sea with waves washing over my body. I am replenished by the sun Goddess and scents of the earth, soil, and flowers become known again with delight.

Alas, I can truly see.

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