Humanity Asleep.

October 16 2014

I continue with intended daily rituals, rich in awareness through the senses and abundant with surprise and happy accidents, until I feel inspired by this paradise to deliver what I was invited here for.

This is an experience I have not known and feel so honored and blessed of this artist residency, that even though my body reminds me of its need to heal, I felt leaving the environment that I have known for so long, was essential for this healing I must do.

I still struggle with strength and when it is found, it often eludes me just when I announce its presence. So in this, I have learned to cherish the times I do feel strong in hopes that they will come more often and in longer duration. For it is magical to find myself again in these moments!

They amount to what can be described as a bubbling cauldron becoming warmer with every passing minute, now closer to a simmer.

It is only a matter of time I will need to express myself in complete abandon of this face and reveal, mask upon mask, this town and its storytellers. Which one will I choose?

I suppose it is much like keeping a myth or legend alive, through a continuum ..and so it goes that I am inspired to walk along the path of story-telling. Yet from afar, the distance lends perspective and perhaps with paintbrush in hand, I will do justice to a story of an individual with whom I have known but never in person met.

Maybe it is in the allure of Positano, and the paradise of Villa TreVille and perhaps, like the memorizing call of the mythological Sirens,  (hopefully with a much different fate), that I too am able to afford the luxury of experiencing something so magical and inspiring, that to visit, one never returns the same.

A profound seeing is at ones disposal, if chosen not to be lulled asleep by the lullaby of worldly variations, that perhaps Julian Schnabel describes so well with two words, ‘ Humanity Asleep’.

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